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Hey there, fellow Air Fryer rebels!  Don't look now, but you've stumbled upon your own little Air Fryer Brigadoon Air Fryer Life!   I'm not guaranteeing you'll find magic on this site...but it happens A LOT.  Our motto is "Get Crispy or Get Out".   

Dive into an online world where reviews are sizzling, recipes are drool-worthy, and flavor is non-negotiable. 
Air Fryer Life is your one-stop-shop for all things air fryer, crispy, delicious, and unapologetically sassy. Join the revolution, strut your culinary stuff, and let's turn up the heat in the kitchen.

Some Snack Recipes to Get You Started

an image of the owner of the site

Welcome to my little slice of fun.  I'm Eric and I'm just a tad bit obsessed with Air Fryers.  

Some dads collect watches or ties.  I collect Air Fryers.  Quick question, who else has an Air Fryer in their home office?  

I decided that if this obsession was going to continue, I needed to have a place to store all the silliness and hard-won information about everything Air Fryer.  So I bought a web address and started typing.  I consider each of you my accomplices.   :)

So come on in and share in my love of Air Fryers.  And drop me a note if you have some suggestions or items you want to discuss.  


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