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Air Fryer Publix Medium Shrimp

bag of publix white shrimp mediums

Garlic Lemon Publix Air Fryer Medium Shrimp


Elevate your seafood game with Publix White Shrimp Medium, perfectly cooked in your air fryer to achieve a succulent texture and a burst of flavor. This recipe combines the delicate sweetness of white shrimp with the aromatic zest of garlic and lemon, creating a dish that's both simple and sophisticated.

Using the air fryer not only ensures a healthier preparation by minimizing oil but also locks in the shrimp's natural flavors, making it an ideal choice for a quick appetizer, a light meal, or an elegant addition to pasta or salads.

Ingredients List - Air Fryer Publix Medium Shrimp

  • 1 lb Publix White Shrimp Medium, peeled and deveined

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 2 garlic cloves, minced

  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest

  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

  • Fresh parsley, chopped (for garnish)

  • Lemon slices (for serving)

Step by Step Cooking Instructions

  1. Marinate the Shrimp: In a mixing bowl, combine olive oil, minced garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Add the shrimp and toss to coat evenly. Let marinate for 15-30 minutes in the refrigerator.

  2. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (204°C) for about 3-5 minutes.

  3. Arrange the marinated shrimp in a single layer in the air fryer basket, ensuring they do not overlap. Work in batches if necessary.

  4. Cook for 6-8 minutes, or until the shrimp are pink, opaque, and slightly golden. There's no need to flip them halfway through.

  5. Garnish and Serve: Sprinkle the cooked shrimp with fresh parsley and accompany with lemon slices for an added zest.

a close up of cooked publix air fryer shrimp

Pro Tips and Suggestions

  • Serve these garlic lemon shrimp over a bed of light pasta, like angel hair or zoodles, for a refreshing meal.

  • Pair with a crisp white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, to complement the dish's flavors.

  • For a spicy twist, add a pinch of red pepper flakes to the marinade.

Interesting Alterations You May Want to Try

  • Wrap the shrimp in thin slices of prosciutto before air frying for a savory, crispy exterior.

  • Mix in a tablespoon of honey with the marinade for a sweet and tangy flavor profile.

  • Serve atop a fresh arugula salad with a vinaigrette dressing for a quick and healthy meal.

Key Takeaways and Calories

  • Garlic Lemon Air Fryer White Shrimp offers a delightful blend of flavors, making it a versatile dish that's both easy to prepare and delicious.

  • Air frying shrimp is a quick, efficient, and healthy way to enjoy seafood, preserving its moisture and tenderness.

  • Depending on the size, a serving of these shrimp (about 4 ounces) is roughly 120-150 calories, not including any additional sides.


This Garlic Lemon Air Fryer White Shrimp recipe is a testament to the simplicity and elegance of cooking with seafood. The air fryer method brings out the best in the Publix White Shrimp Medium, delivering a dish that's bursting with flavor yet remarkably easy to prepare.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party, looking for a quick weeknight meal, or adding a protein boost to your salads and pastas, these shrimp are sure to impress with their juicy texture and vibrant taste.



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