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Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Air Fryer Recipe

pillsbury cinnamon rolls from air fryer on a plate

Air Fryer Magic: Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Like You've Never Tasted Before!

Is there anything more comforting than the aroma of cinnamon rolls wafting through your kitchen? With the popularity of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and the convenience of air fryers, it's time to combine these two and discover a baking revelation! Let's dive into how to make these rolls perfectly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and dripping in sweet icing, all in your air fryer!

What to Know About Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in an Air Fryer

Before the mouth-watering action, here's why your air fryer might just be the ultimate tool for those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls:

  • Speedy Bake: No more waiting for the oven to preheat or for extended baking times. The air fryer gets your cinnamon rolls done faster!

  • Crisp & Fluffy: The hot circulating air ensures your rolls are beautifully browned on the outside while keeping the insides soft and fluffy.

  • Consistent Results: With proper placement, you can expect even baking across all the rolls.


  • 1 can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (with included icing)

  • Optional: Chopped nuts or raisins for extra filling or topping

Steps for Cooking

  1. Preparation: Preheat your air fryer to 330°F (165°C). If your air fryer has a non-stick surface, you can place the rolls directly; otherwise, consider using parchment paper cut to size.

  2. Placement: Gently separate the cinnamon rolls and place them in the air fryer basket or tray, ensuring they're not touching, as they'll expand during cooking.

  3. Cooking: Bake the cinnamon rolls at 330°F (165°C) for 8-10 minutes or until they turn golden brown.

  4. Icing Time: Once cooked, carefully remove the cinnamon rolls from the air fryer and let them cool slightly before drizzling with the included icing. Add any optional toppings if desired.

Pro Tips and Variations

  • Even Space: Be cautious not to overcrowd the air fryer. If needed, cook the rolls in batches.

  • Extra Fillings: Before baking, you can sprinkle the rolls with additional raisins or nuts for an added twist.

  • Homemade Icing: If you're in the mood to customize, whip up your icing with cream cheese, powdered sugar, and a splash of vanilla.

Top 5 Questions About Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in an Air Fryer

1. Can I use other brands or homemade cinnamon rolls with this method? Certainly! Adjust the cooking time slightly based on the size and thickness of the rolls.

2. My rolls aren't browning evenly. What can I do? Ensure that there's enough space between each roll for proper air circulation. If needed, rotate or flip them halfway through the cooking process.

3. Can I reheat leftover cinnamon rolls in the air fryer? Yes, the air fryer is excellent for reheating, making the rolls crispy and warm again. Heat at 300°F (150°C) for 2-3 minutes.

4. How can I make the cinnamon rolls extra fluffy? Ensure you don't overcook them. Check them a bit earlier than the recommended time and use the toothpick test.

5. Can I add fruits or other fillings inside? Of course! Feel free to customize your rolls with fillings of your choice. Just be cautious of adding too much, as it might affect the cooking time.

Revolutionize your breakfast or dessert game by combining the trusty Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with the magic of the air fryer. With this guide, you'll have an irresistible treat ready in no time!

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