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Great Value Cheeseburger Bites - Air Fryer

a box of great value cheeseburger bites

Air Fryer Great Value Cheeseburger Bites


  • Great Value Cheeseburger Bites can be a quick and tasty snack or meal component when cooked in an air fryer, offering the flavors of a cheeseburger in a convenient bite-sized form.

  • Ideal for a quick snack, party appetizer, or a fun meal for kids, these cheeseburger bites can be easily prepared in an air fryer for a crispy and delicious experience.

Ingredients List

  • 1 package Great Value Cheeseburger Bites (frozen)

Step by Step Cooking Instructions

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 380°F (193°C). This ensures the cheeseburger bites will cook evenly and become crispy.

  2. Place the frozen cheeseburger bites in the air fryer basket. Arrange them in a single layer to allow for proper air circulation.

  3. Cook for about 6-8 minutes, or until they are heated through and crispy. You may need to adjust the time based on your specific air fryer model.

  4. Serve immediately after cooking. These cheeseburger bites are best enjoyed hot and crispy, straight from the air fryer.

close up of a great value cheeseburger bites

Pro Tips and Suggestions

  • Avoid Overcrowding: For the crispiest results, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket. Cook in batches if necessary.

  • Serving Ideas: Serve with ketchup, mustard, or your favorite burger condiments for dipping.

  • Quick Meal: Pair with a side salad or fries for a complete meal.

Interesting Alterations You May Want to Try

  • Cheese Topping: After air frying, sprinkle some shredded cheese over the bites and return them to the air fryer for a minute to melt the cheese.

  • Spicy Twist: Serve with a spicy mayo or hot sauce for those who enjoy an extra kick.

  • BBQ Flavor: Dip in BBQ sauce for a tangy twist.


Great Value Cheeseburger Bites cooked in an air fryer offer a fast, delicious, and convenient option for anyone looking for a quick snack or an easy addition to their meal. The air fryer provides a perfect crispy texture to the bites, making them even more enjoyable.

Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a family movie night, or simply in need of a tasty and easy-to-prepare snack, these cheeseburger bites are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.



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