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Air Fryer Stouffer's Classic Meatloaf

picture of stouffer's classic meatloaf

Heating Stouffer's Classics Meatloaf in an Air Fryer: A Crispy Delight


Air fryers have revolutionized meal preparation, offering a quick and efficient way to heat up frozen classics like Stouffer's Meatloaf. Not only does the air fryer provide a faster alternative to conventional ovens, but it also delivers a delightful crispiness to the exterior of the meatloaf. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to achieve perfectly heated Stouffer's Classics Meatloaf in your air fryer.


  • 1 package of Stouffer's Classics Meatloaf (9 oz)


  • Air Fryer


1. Preheat for Success:

  • To start, preheat your air fryer to 350°F (177°C). This essential step ensures that the meatloaf cooks evenly and develops that crave-worthy crispy texture.

  • While the air fryer is warming up, carefully remove the Stouffer's Meatloaf from its packaging. If the meatloaf is housed in a plastic tray, transfer it to an air fryer-safe dish. Remember, avoid placing plastic trays directly into the air fryer, as they can melt or warp.

2. Perfect Timing:

  • Once the air fryer is preheated and ready to go, place the meatloaf in the air fryer basket or on the dish if you've transferred it. Ensure it's positioned centrally and not touching the sides.

  • Set the timer for approximately 15 minutes. However, bear in mind that cooking times can vary based on the specific model of your air fryer and the initial temperature of the meatloaf (whether it's frozen or thawed).

3. Flip and Achieve Uniformity:

  • About halfway through the cooking process, roughly around the 7-8 minute mark, pause and open the air fryer. It's time to flip the meatloaf to guarantee even heating and that tantalizing browning on all sides.

  • If you notice that the meatloaf is browning too rapidly, don't hesitate to lower the temperature slightly to maintain the perfect balance.

4. Temperature Check and Resting Period:

  • When the timer indicates that the cooking process is complete, employ a food thermometer to verify the internal temperature of the meatloaf. Safety first—it should reach a minimum of 160°F (71°C) for consumption without worries.

  • Allow the meatloaf to rest for approximately 2-3 minutes after cooking. This short resting interval allows the juices to redistribute within the meatloaf, ensuring a juicy and flavorful outcome.

5. Presentation and Enjoyment:

  • Gently remove the meatloaf from the air fryer, placing it on a suitable serving dish.

  • Serve this delicious classic with your choice of sides, be it creamy mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, or a fresh, crisp salad.

Pro Tips:

  • Keep a vigilant eye on the meatloaf during the cooking process. Air fryers are renowned for their quick cooking times compared to traditional ovens.

  • For meatloaves of varying thickness, consider adjusting the cooking time to cater to specific needs.

  • To guarantee uniformity and optimal results, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket.

Bottom Line

Utilizing an air fryer to reheat Stouffer's Classics Meatloaf is a game-changer. It offers both speed and superior texture, with that coveted crispy exterior. Depending on your air fryer model, experiment with cooking times for a personalized touch. Savor the satisfaction of enjoying perfectly heated meatloaf, complemented by your preferred side dishes. It's a simple and scrumptious mealtime solution!

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